Woodsist chalked up quite a few gems this week and in addition to the Ganglians' bit from earlier this week, these 7"s aren't too shabby either.

Real Estate - Fake Blues 7" Real Estate seems to be bringing up the most consumer friendly arm of the Ducktails/Real Estate/Predator Vision axis and this latest 7" onlybuilds anticipation for that upcoming Mex Summer release. Keeping things decidedly relaxed and carefree
the A-side is a pure summer breeze and the B-side doesn't exactly bring on the rain either.

[MP3] Real Estate - Fake Blues

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Thee Oh Sees - Tidal Wave 7"
Well what can I say about Thee Oh Sees this year that I haven't already said, Dwyer is owning '09 and the tide's not poised to stop here. Dwyer's got a way with the strings that seemed to have died with the early 60's, that kind of joyous ring that
first gave people the unmistakable itch for the electric guitar. From the first notes of "Tidal Wave" the itch is in effect and then the yelps come in to seal the deal. Prime Oh Sees, how can you say no to that?

[MP3] Thee Oh Sees - Tidal Wave

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Anonymous alex said...

Woodsist are doing great job for our mutant ears...and there is more to come.

7:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what more, exactly? i'm curious.

1:59 PM  
Anonymous alex said...


GANGLIANS- "Monster Head Room" CD

THE FRESH & ONLYS- "Grey-Eyed Girls" CD/LP

METH TEETH- tba CD/LP (debut full length)

REAL ESTATE- tba CD/LP (debut full length)

3:48 PM  

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