Tyvek have become a bit famous for reusing and re-releasing material over the last few years. With several 7”s and odds and sods under their belts they’ve landed on Siltbreeze with a new batch of tasty tinny tunes for public consumption. Now to be fair it’s not all new names and faces among the bunch, “Frustration Rock” has been floating around with the last batch, popping up on the Summer Burns 2x7” and “Duck Blinds” made an appearance on this year’s Sub Pop Singles club. The rest though seem to fit the bill and it’s just a ratty and fun as the rest of Tyvek’s catalog. The lo-fi demeanor seems perfectly matched to a home on Siltbreeze and they’ve wrapped this whole thing up in a strange nod to the era of California Raisins claymation – creepy. Anyhow it’s got its feet in equal pools of fun and angst and sometimes that’s just how we like ‘em around here.

[MP3] Tyvek - Hey Una
[MP3] Tyvek - Stand and Fight

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Blogger Unknown said...

I love these guys! Is it just me, or does it sound like they lifted some from The Versatile Newts' "Newtrition" for "Hey Una"?

2:37 PM  

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