Tom Brosseau

FatCat workhorse Tom Brosseau is back at it again with Posthumous Success despite, you know, being alive and well. This time around Tom's augmented this lost in time sound with a fuller arrangement that steps away from his street busker, man and guitar lonesomeness. It's not a drastic change, but where his previous albums felt as if listeners were peering in on private moments, this one utilizes Tom's captivating voice as a piece of a grander statement. Lyrically Brosseau is still not the sunniest of characters but the kick in tempos make the sour pills easier to swallow, and besides the sadness is actually quite comforting rather than bitter. Unfortunately (and I'm sure FatCat would agree) Tom's been oft overlooked despite his consistently beautiful prolific nature but the combination of his still bare and chilly songwriting with a new homespun charm and even a dash of distortion may bring him to more welcoming ears. I certainly hope so because as usual Brosseau has crafted another lovely album.

[MP3] Tom Brosseau - Been True
[MP3] Tom Brosseau - Wishbone Medallion

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