Theo Angell

Still walking the folk road away from Tower Recordings, Angell follows nicely on his Digitalis album with more root twisted tales of spiritual redemption. More than ever, his honeyed voice is pulled to the forefront, with past noises dissolving almost exclusively into finely crafted psych-folk here with the help of Matt Valentine, P.G. Six, Tom Greenwood and Samara Lubelski. These players are familiar (to Theo at least) but nonetheless expert company, building a sparse stage for Angell's vocal incantations. The album's title refers to a ceremony of extinguishing light and while this album isn't exactly dour, fittingly enough it languishes in the moments when the sun rides low and the air turns humid. Its as if the whole album takes place in the hour between sunset and firelight, you can almost feel the shadows loom as the last few tracks linger on the air and the smoke starts to rise from the logs. What more could you ask of a latter day shaman?

[MP3] Theo Angell - Higher Something
[MP3] Theo Angell - Tenebrae

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