Plastic Crimewave Sound

Not too shortly after their last outing on Eclipse (and even less time if you consider their CD-r output) PCW is back and traversing space and the eternal chord, this time focusing more on their inner Hawkwind than the fiery guitar explosions that have littered some past releases. Stretching the pulse that normally cranks along under their electric writhing into a slowly simmering throb, Painted Shadows is a more deliberate and textured side of the Plastic Crimewave experience. The centerpiece of the album is shares the record's title and works itself into a pulsing bit of krautrock that burns with a slow flame. Then the band shows just a bit of the old bravado before blurring the lines of psych and even dropping in a bit of electrified banjo to color things further. The album is a real progression and definitely one of their best yet, not as epic as No Wonderland but just the right mix in jus the right places.

[MP3] Plastic Crimewave Sound - (Can't) Turn The Key
[MP3] Plastic Crimewave Sound - I Feel Evils

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