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It seems strange, since Late Night comes so close on the heels of their last album, that Nothing People's sound should take such a shift in such a short span of time. The basic elements that made Anonymous are there, but this album seems to have had a bit of a polish both in production and approach. Part of what really appealed to me about Nothing People's first album was the disparate nihilism and sci-fi angle that they seemed to pull out of their professed love of Chrome and The Twinkeyz. Late Night still bubbles into the darkness at times but it seems to have softened the sinister edge that wrapped around songs like "Suspicious" and and "Sickness" from the first album. Though this comparison by no means negates Late Night's merits. Its still full of spaced and laced bits of gauzy flotsam that tend towards the atmosphere rather than the jerky rhythm I was prepared to expect. Maybe this is the just calm at the center of the Nothing, maybe the first wave was full of paranoia and twitchy skin and that's led to an uneasy calm of a second effort. Who knows what the next album will bring, the second wave of a storm can sometimes be the most brutal.

[MP3] Nothing People - Pushing Buttons
[MP3] Nothing People - Another Rattle

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Blogger joel. said...

a fantastic album. glad to see these guys get some more recognition. thanks for the great blog.

6:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Another Rattle" reminds me of Spacemen 3. Great stuff.

3:17 AM  

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