James Ferraro

So in order to enjoy this much deserved vinyl reissue of Clear on Holy Mountain you must first get past the discount MS Paint cover art. Yeah so once you put it past you, you can dive headlong into the serene bubbling landscape of synth ripples that Ferraro has built. The first two pieces build up a hypnotically beautiful yet strangely intense vibe before catapulting headlong into a third track that despite its shortness, packs almost more of a punch than the preceding two. This was conceived originally and re-released as a companion piece to Discovery, both of which are rather indicative of the solo CD-rs that James has released sans the Skaters or Lamborghini Crystal or any other assumed collaborative names. Personally I'd be grateful if Holy Mountain would lay Marble Surf down on wax as well because that always seemed like a perfect accompaniment or maybe even counterpoint to Clear as Discovery is too similar but less dynamic than the beast that is Clear. But geekery aside, if you're just tipping your toes into the ambient syhthwave catalog of Ferraro, there are worse places to start.

[MP3] James Ferraro - Untitled 3

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