Guido Möbius

German producer Guido Möbius scribbles all over the lines between funk, Krautrock and glitch, sounding like the hybrid child of Cornelius, Neu, James Brown and Prefuse 73. Fully utilizing beat, in contrast to some of his earlier works, here Möbius cuts funk to bits, shuffles the deck and restructures the pieces with the help of soul soaked robots. Replacing snare hits with mechanical flotsam and weaving fragments of funk into place under his odd vocalizations, spoken work segments and the occasional beatbox Möbius leaves your pelvis in motion. Truthfully the latter of those three vocalizations feels a bit forced but when Möbius finds the right groove he can bring it like a sci-fi Prince sans the crushed velvet.

[MP3] Guido Möbius - Niemens
[MP3] Guido Möbius - Gosse Overman

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