More tasty lo-fi fuzz from America's left coast, picked up by Woodsist and served slightly chilled. Ganglians don't stray too far from the trashed pop aesthetic that's become the meat of the Woodsist family but hell that's what makes them so appealing. Whipping up a nice dose of melody and topping it off with an ecstatic vocal style that's more enthusiasm than pitch perfect the band's put together a pretty good little record here. The Gang do take a few moments to bring it down for some sweet and lo harmonies over some buzzing synth warbles, proving that its not all chopped pop action on this short but sweet offering. When they do kick the tempo, its all bright smiles and torn speakers that sound as if they'd make for a pretty fun live spectacle. In addition to this slab, the band has released a split with Eat Skull, so credentials are pretty much falling in order here. Definitely a bunch to keep an eye on in the coming months as it looks like a proper album and EP are in the pipes.

[MP3] Ganglians - Hair
[MP3] Ganglians - The Void

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooh this is hitting the spot.

12:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck Yeah! Audio player is up now.

6:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The Void" is a pretty amazing song !

10:52 AM  

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