Expo 70

Some musicians tap into the violence and turbulence of the world perfectly; Wooden Shjips first couple of EPs for example feel like the earth beneath your feet might crumble away before the needle hits the runout. Justin Wright however, has a knack for perfectly expressing the eerie calm just after destruction. His ambience hangs in the air like the crushing weight of extinguished souls, and when the guitars do come in they hang on the air with just the right amount of detached iciness. These are the tones that soundtrack the desperate calm and infinite endlessness of space and Justin has just laid four more of said meditations on us in the form of Night Flights, his first LP release. We’ve been a huge fan of Wright’s output around here as he releases track after track to CD-r and adds production to RSTB faves like Mythical Beast but now his work is finally given the (blue marbled) vinyl treatment it deserves. As of this post he’s already got another LP coming out on Peasant Magik plus last year’s excellent Black Ohms is scheduled for a 2xLP release this summer. Yeah Justin’s a pretty busy guy. Grab some of these before they’re gone.

[MP3] Expo 70 - Seismic Nuances

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