So after much anticipation Matt Mondanile and the NNF crew finally lay the Ducktails full length on us, and quite honestly its better than I could have hoped. A few familiar faces are swimming in amongst the titles here with "Backyard" from II and "Beach Point Pleasant" and a singular form of "Gem" from the BPP 7" making appearances. However, they've been woven so perfectly into the fabric of the album so that to familiar listeners they're just excerpts from a book they hadn't fully read yet. Also making their first real appearance here are a few tracks with defined (though not always distinguishable) lyrical elements and they slide in quite nicely alongside their instrumental brethren. The album has a fluid summertime flow; keeping things loose, laid back and airy (not tropical though as Matt would attest). And he's right this isn't the sound of island breezes, its the sound of summertime heat slowing your blood, the feel of beer cold from a bucket of ice on a rooftop as the only respite from a poorly ventilated apartment. This is a makeshift vacation. The winter build up to this record makes it even more appreciated as a summer release and I think that quite possibly this could be the best "summer" record of '09. The only problem here being that it goes by too fast. Just have to keep resetting the needle I suppose and keeping the vibe loose.

[MP3] Ducktails - Beach Point Pleasant
[MP3] Ducktails - Daily Vacation

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Anonymous Richie said...

I think I wrote this on another blog sometime, but Ducktails sounds like how I imagine it would sound if Vini Reilly of the Durutti Column had grown up on some tropical island instead of in rainy Manchester- i.e. I like it, a lot.. looking forward to the album.

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