Cold Cave

Before paving the way forward with a few upcoming releases, Cold Cave takes some time to wrap up the past on Cremations a disc of live, demo and unreleased tracks. Documenting their noise oriented beginnings, which explain this release as well as some earlier ones showing up on NYC's Hospital Productions, and moving on through their icy synth swaddled current state; the disc gives a nice primer to what Cold Cave have up their sleeve in the future (i.e. a stellar 12" coming out on WYR?). Caked in nihilism and sexually predisposed lyrics but also showcasing the band's deft ability at building compelling rhythms/melodies out of stark raw materials, Cremations has many shining moments despite feeling a little incohesive. A must for those seeking some context on this band or anyone with a predilection towards the new frontier of sythwave scoundrels.

[MP3] Cold Cave - Gates
[MP3] Cold Cave - In A Cave

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Blogger Jim said...

Saw these guys on Sunday with Prurient. Was a blast.

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