Another droplet of goodness from the Sacred Bones camp.. This time in the form of an old RSTB friend, Nice Face.

Nice Face - Mnemonic Device 7"
Still keeping things crunchy while balancing his hardest edged song to date with one of the calmest (relatively). The A-side amps up the keys and keeps things dark and dank. On the flip its Nice Face stepping up to the classic punk plate,
just a little more lo-fi and fuzzy than most have approached the template. These two represent the best side of Nice Face yet. It’s always hard to get an handle on a band that has out only a few singles but the progression certainly seems to be heading in the right direction. Hopefully he'll be able to find a way to keep all the influences properly balance in the context of a full length, but for now I'm just enjoying the prologue.

[MP3] Nice Face - Mnemonic Device

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