13th Chime - The Singles: 1981 -1983
It looks as if Sacred Bones has gotten into the reissue game of late and judging by the quality of their new recordings we can't help but be excited about what past gems they might turn up. The first such gem
is from the UK's 13th Chime. The fact that the band made good with John Peel also bodes well for us here at RSTB. All name checking aside though the songs collected here speak for themselves. Culled from the band's three officially released singles and fleshed out with the addition of 3 demo tracks that weigh in on par with the official stuff, this is a superb introduction to the band. Skewing to the darker side of the post-punk spectrum, the band merged sparse, skeletal rock with a lyrical delivery that's sinister but not overly dreary given the time and place it was recorded. It's easy to see the attraction of Sacred Bones to this release and it seems that a "lost" LP and complete discography on CD is also in the works. The LP is also impressively augmented with a fully 12x12 book detailing the band's history along with photos.

[MP3] 13th Chime - Dug Up
[MP3] 13th Chime - Cursed

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

fantastic! How come Joy Division and echo and the bunnymen got all the "critical acclaim" and commercial success when these guys are better?

But I'd like some more fuzzy garage please!

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