Wet Hair

Post-Raccoo-oo-oon goodness from Shawn Reed and Ryan Garbes jumps to NNF with a pretty devastating full length. The duo have put out a pretty steady stream of tapes on Reed's own Night People label as well as a really beautiful 12" that's as much an art piece as it is a record. Where the early tapes found the duo making strides away from Rac's destroyed guitar jams and into the realm of synth drone, here they've made the full jump. Two sides of gelatinous, shifting drones with vocal exorcisms looming at the edges. This is the most complete portrait of the Wet Hair sound yet, though I highly doubt that the two have finished experimenting with the needlessness of genre. As usual the NNF platters are limited so best to grab one early where you can.

[MP3] Wet Hair - Radio Machines/Gold Chains

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I took that photo! Rad, dude.

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