Warpig - Warpig
Canadian proto-metal band Warpig was one of those bands to tap into the oncoming wave of hard rock in 1968. They had everything any band would have needed to break ground, a heavy sound, some pretty decent tunes and a great anti-war name.
Unfortunately what they didn't have was a label with much money and wide distribution, which means that they weren't heard of much outside of their native Canada at the time. Their album was re-issued by London a few years later but by then proto-metal had already blossomed and the band weren't exactly leading the wave anymore. Needless to say, this has picked up much more attention in later years among the collector circuit and its well worth the listen both in historical context and as a decent slice of hard rock. Had they been properly handled its possible that the band would have done much more, but alas, like Leaf Hound they remain one of those bands that cut a great album only to be respected in retrospect. Yet another nice vinyl reissue of this has just surfaced this year and what better format to pick up this gem in? Besides, its not just any band who can write a song titled "Melody with Balls".

[MP3] Warpig - Flaggit
[MP3] Warpig - Rockstar

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

pretty nice. Completely different style to the classic hard rock pioneers (Sabbath, Rush, UFO, Uriah Heep et al).

Can you get the jukebox next week?

1:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

like a cleaner mc5,hmmmm wonder if the brits heard it as this was 2 years before sabbath and warpigs?

4:53 PM  

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