So this floats somewhere in the space between a re-released post and a singles post but nonetheless it's some extremely essential music. Pre-Heldon Pinhas at its best!

Schizo - Schizo! 7"
Richard Pinhas has been renowned as one of France's most innovative guitarists and a father of French electronic music. His work with Heldon ushered in a movement of experimentation that often drew in members of the philosophical
community in a combination of electronics and spoken word. However prior to his involvement with Heldon, Pinhas formed Schizo, a project focused more on heavy psychedelic guitar. Red Lounge has commissioned the reissue of this 3 track EP containing two heavy psych jams and one more experimental track that alludes to his later work with Heldon. This is definitely the heaviest that Pinhas would ever get and a very interesting footnote in the history of French music.

[MP3] Schizo - Paraphrenia Praecox

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The way you set up this blog with a popup media player for sampling entire songs is really fantastic. The music reviewed here is pretty hard to find and your blog is doing fans of this music a real service. THANKS !!!

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