Magik Markers

Following a few small press releases, the Markers return to their Boss-era 90's inflections on Balf Quarry. Still driving right up the Sonic Youth highway, though this time turning the goods in to Drag City instead of Thurston's Ecstatic Peace, the (now) duo is definitely bringing the fury and fire here. Gucci Rapidshare Download this is not. Instead this is the most focused and sharp the band has ever been, I hesitate to say that they've attained a pop quality because though the songs are more palatable, they aren't exactly catchy. They're burning with intensity and ravaged with savage intensity, but they're not catchy. With only the occasional forray into meandering warbles, MM have crafted a sparse, acerbic masterpiece of clanging rock. Honestly between these two and Little Claw, should the unfortunate ever befall the eternal (sonic) Youth, there exist a few pretty good successors to the dissonant throne.

[MP3] Magik Markers - Risperdal
[MP3] Magik Markers - Don't Talk In Your Sleep

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