Those familiar with Intelligence as it stands as an offshoot of The A-Frames and intersecting entity with Factums may be a bit thrown off here. Those familiar with their album Deuteronomy may have an inkling of what they're in for and well for the uninitiated, you'll probably just be pleasantly surprised. Two albums have sprung out of the Intelligence camp of late one, Crepuscule With Pac Man is out now on Born Bad and the other, Fake Surfers is out soon on In The Red. Both records have taken the noise, industrial rhythms and strange behaviors of previous Intelligence and injected them with a bit of recent melodicism and lo-fi garage charm. Fake Surfers in particular seems to have picked up a bit of swagger and swing that mixes with otherworldly moments that don't so much recall their brethren in Factums musically as they do in crafting an alien view on current music. Both albums evoke strange dreams, sun turning grey and back to brilliant, machines learning to whistle and visions broken swiftly into puzzle pieces. Though Crepuscule seems to strip away the whimsy just a little bit in favor of some post-punk nihilism. Both albums are key victories in Intelligences long struggle against reality.

[MP3] Intelligence - Moody Tower (from Fake Surfers)
[MP3] Intelligence - Astrology (from Crepuscule with Pac Man)

Support the artist. Buy it: HERE Fake Surfers ||| HERE Crepuscule With Pacman
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Blogger RICHARD said...

yeah woah, i found the 'reading and writing about partying' 7" on my itunes the other day and couldnt remember where i got it but holy crap its awesome!

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Sheeni said...

Fuck yes, fuck yes. I'm so excited about this it's ridiculous. I was big into the A Frames and this band is somehow even more killer.

2:13 AM  

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