Eat Skull

Eat Skull burst out of their former cloud of fuzz and clatter for a cleaner sound, letting their inner Kiwi pop hearts shine on Wild and Inside. It's as if all the catchy parts you were pretty sure were lurking under their last album were actually allowed to roam free here; but don't think that just because they've shaved the stubble that Rob Enborn and crew have turned into distinguished party guests. There's still plenty of yelping, strumming and yeah the anthemic fist rattling garage hooks that they've always had - just y'know less crud in the mics and a new batch of tape on the amps. There's also a few, dare I say plaintive moments; bare bones but earnest and full of emotion. Quite honestly I'm glad for the bit of spit shine applied to their sound, Eat Skull really get comfortable with themselves here and the confident clarity makes for a pretty extended bout of repeat listening. I can even don the headphones for this one, though as with most of the Siltbreeze roster this is probably best left rattling your speakers to really appreciate it.

[MP3] Eat Skull - Heaven's Stranger
[MP3] Eat Skull - Dawn in the Face

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Anonymous Alex said...

I like this one a lot more than the previous one..I'm not even shure if I liked the previous one.

3:04 PM  

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