City Center

Fred Thomas steps away from the indie-pop temple in favor of lush electronic manipulations but he never really loses the core of his pop charm. City Center is leagues away from his work in Saturday Looks Good to Me and honestly that resume point hardly stands as a touchstone here. More indicative is that this follows up a gorgeous split with Grouper, that along with a constant stream of free downloads caught the attention of Type records. The swirling clatter of manipulated sound and looped guitars seem right at home at Type, as City Center is a very dense and complex record under the microscope. Pull out a few feet though, and it's simply a beautiful collection of sounds that soar and clink and strum and click. Thomas' voice and guitar push through watercolors of sound and texture, peeking melodies out of a delightful whirlwind of pixilated street sounds. Quite honestly I think that smitten is the only word that will best express how people will receive this album.

[MP3] City Center - Gladest
[MP3] City Center - Young Diamond

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Anonymous ingrid said...

just purchased the record. anxiously awaiting it in the mail. sucks that city center is not coming to Toronto with the hive dwellers and chain & the gang. I guess if Im at all lucky and get to leave work early enough I'll see thomas play drums and bass in those bands? I don't usually have much luck though. thanks for the tunes.

9:37 PM  

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