Zola Jesus

Zola's Sacred Bones 7" made our year end list of best singles and left us with the question, "Can she keep it up for a full length?" Well Zola's not one to disappoint it seems as she's got two new releases that undeniably scream, "yes" to that question. First up, a LP on Troubleman consisting of mostly new tunes and one recycled from a Die Stasi compilation. Tsar Bomba is brimming with Nika Danilova's hauntingly soulful vocals that provide the slightest anchor against the chaotic swells that rage underneath, threatening to consume both her and the listening at the same time. Danilova's classical training shows through in her power and grace and its the contrast of this beauty with the dystopian instrumentation that makes her releases all the more enjoyable. Also on the table is New Amsterdam a CD on Sacred Bones that collects 4 tracks from a previous WNYU session and 6 new ones. Both releases are essential documents of Zola's incredible talent.

[MP3] Zola Jesus - Sea Talk from Tsar Bomba
[MP3] Zola Jesus - Nativity from New Amsterdam

Support the artist. Buy it: Tsar Bomba ||| New Amsterdam
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