One of the mainstays of RSTB, Woods have begun to elevate their popularity in recent years to that of their other halves in Meneguar. Their latest release Songs of Shame is probably the most accessible they've ever been, with lilting dusk odes and even a few sunny afternoon vibes shaking off their usual 4 a.m. tape session aesthetic. The evolution from night whispering bedroom duo to their current psych-pop stronghold is pretty much complete with this release. Mixing the charming pop of At Rear House with the expanded rhythm section they began on Woods Family Creeps, its obvious that the band has finally come into their own with this lineup. The real clincher is the addition of Jarvis Taveniere's guitar, which adds a stronger texture to many of the songs. Throw in a great Stephen Stills cover ("Military Madness") and a longform psych romp with Pete Nolan and you'd be hard pressed to find another album this solid in their catalog.

[MP3] Woods - To Clean
[MP3] Woods - Rain On

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love Woods. I hope these guys go far.

1:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi! i believe "Military Madness" is a Graham Nash tune.

2:55 PM  

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