A very garage-blues heavy Jukebox this week that's packed full of the fuzz you know you love. Plenty of tunes lamenting over bad women. Funny how that seemed to be a prevailing 60's garage theme huh? Listen to enough of these tracks and you'd think a relationship in the 60's never ended due to a cheating man. Nah that could never be the case, right?

[MP3] The Authentics - Climbing Through
A rough-edged blues bit with a garage flavor here. The Authentics rumble the bass and let loose with some nice harmonica on this family oriented cut. Not exactly the most rebellious of fare but it does the trick.

[MP3] Wayne Gibson & Dynamic Sounds - Baby, Baby Baby Pity Me
On the other hand Wayne Gibson takes the blues to more desperate lengths with some nice fuzz tone and a pounding beat. The tracks rips into a pretty rough but unfortunately too short solo but its Gibson's pleading that keeps this one fresh anyway.

[MP3] The Unrelated Segments - Where You Gonna Go
Moving away from the garage-blues for a minute the unfortunately named Unrelated Segments get a nice bouncy strum goin, bolstered by a youthful howl and some white-boy soul on the background vocals. Sprinkle in a few odd effects here and there and this track is certainly memorable.

[MP3] Tonto and the Renegades - Little Boy Blue
Tonto and his Renegades cut a page out of the Animals scrapbook with plenty of energy and the requisite amount of fuzz. Tonto (if that is your real name) brings the yelpin fury to this odd love song. I'm not sure how rebellious you can make a nursery rhyme reference but I guess the renegades make as much of it as possible.

[MP3] The Tree - No Good Woman
Now The Tree know how to make it sound fierce. A heavy blues cut with vocals that are really more "talking in rhythm" than singing but the whiskey soaked voice and down and dirty blues guitar make this a pretty sweet slice of 60's garage if there ever was one.
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