Vampire Hands

What with the explosion of creativity in Columbus, the bewildering psych scene in Kansas City and a hotbed of garage in Memphis it seems that the coasts don't have a lock on talent these days. Further proving this point is Minneapolis' Vampire Hands. Building songs around a heavy yet not overbearing rhythmic backbone the band adds layers of atmospheric texture that cushion the listener in sonic fog. At moments they'll heave towards classic rock guitar tones but instead of a beer soaked croon weighing it down into mundane territory they'll inflict a breathy and vamped (no pun intended) vocal over the top; giving the track the right amount of swagger vs. style. The band has a few overlapping releases floating around now well worth picking up. Me and You Cherry Red is out on CD and digital with the addition of Cuz It's a Beach Funeral. Tracks from both releases also appear on the immaculately packaged vinyl only Two EPs on Nero's Neptune.

[MP3] Vampire Hands - Safe Word
[MP3] Vampire Hands - We Widows

Support the artist. Buy it: Me & You Cherry Red (reissue) ||| Two EPs
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Blogger Jenny said...

One of my favorite local Twin Cities bands- thank you!

And thank you for the France Has the Bomb post a while back. Another Twin Cities favorite.

Keep your ears out for The Chambermaids.

5:17 PM  

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