Magic Lantern / Hop Frog Kollectiv

Yeah its true there's been a lot of Magic Lantern related posts around here but it can't be helped that the band and its members are so prolific. Next up is a split LP with the Hop Frog Kollectiv and it's a pretty mellow piece compared to the Lantern's usual frayed ruckus, but not exactly unexpected. Both sides are single track, side-long meditations that harness the beauty of space and the subtlety of pluck and drone. Magic Lantern channel their inner raga sensibilities with a piece built around Ukulele, Guitar, Flute, Piano, Bells, Hand Drums & Voices. While on the flip the Kollectiv have recorded a piece based on Silvertone and Hammond organs with the usual Hop Frog ephemera of eclectic instrumentation chiming in at the edges. This is, as usual with these two artists, fairly limited (300 copies) and packaged in superb artwork.

[MP3] Hop Frog Kollectiv - SOMA (sample)
[MP3] Magic Lantern - Underwater Dynasty (sample)

Support the artist. Buy it: HERE
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this split rules. and your blog layout is beautiful

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