Infinity Window

This album sounds pretty much exactly like the cover would lead you to believe it does; which is to say a 70's kraut nodding, blissed drone kingdom. Not since Tarkus has artwork so summed up what you're about to hear and Dan Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) and Taylor Richardson (Prehistoric Blackout) know just how to swing their influences into a dreamy album full of isolated drone-scapes. The three tracks that make up Artificial Midnight slowly mutate from sweeping synth wind tunnels into burbling streams of brain wave transmissions. Not a far stretch for either musician if you're familiar with their previous projects but the combination of the two has certainly magnified what I've liked best about both in the past. The release is out on Arbor and as with most of their catalog it's extremely limited (500).

[MP3] Infinity Window - Internal Compass

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