El Jesus De Magico

The scattered bits of noise filtering out of Columbus gather more each day and lost amongst them is El Jesus De Magico. Their recent release on Columbus Discount Records sees the band moving away from some of their psych-punk roots and into spacier, noisier, Amon Duul psychic noise jam territory. And you know what? I like it. The band has really come into their own with noise and fury in tow. The LP is book ended by two lengthy gems that both build and dissolve into squall with voices breaking through to mutter dust rants before vanishing back into the passive aggressive screech of fuzz. Elsewhere they mix media with kraut lapped drums and static pulses scanning for distant life. Evidence here suggests that the band can only build on this new basis of noise and just as it begins Scalping The Guru seems to end too soon. So hopefully the group will follow in their Columbus brethren's footsteps in terms of prolific production.

[MP3] Crazy Dreams Band - Ancestor Worship-The Scope

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