Crazy Dreams Band

Somehow the outcome of this feels like it doesn't mesh with the players that make it up. I mean hearing the names Lexie Mountain and Nate Nelson (of Religious Knives/ Mouthus) would instantly conjure up thoughts of experimental noise and dark havoc not so much classic rock, funk or soul. Now there are definitely some noisy bits contained within the Crazy Dreams Band's universe but more surprisingly there are some really pop moments as well. The pop never sticks around long enough to really knock this up to any radio frequency and it's often gobbled up by the aforementioned havoc, but the band have found this amazingly fragile balance between post-punk iciness, soul and squall. The resulting album tears a hole between 77, 69 and infinity. Lexie's not usually a straight-forward singer but here she takes the affectations of classic rock's strongest voices and applies them to a frayed and twisted takes on a funked up and free-noised outpost of rock. She still takes a dive off the reality cliff every once in a while showcasing her vocal gymnastics but the anchor of pop weighs strangely upon her. Somebody get these guys and Vibes in the same room for a psych-funk super session!

[MP3] Crazy Dreams Band - Four Winds of the Owl

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