Chrome - Alien Soundtracks
The Twinkeyz album from last week got me in a mood for obscure sci-fi goodness and naturally led me to dig out a few Chrome releases: a band that always deserves going back to. What sets this apart from the band's first album and really brings it into
its own is the addition of guitarist Helios Creed. His much more aggressive style mixed the harsh attack of punk with a more experimental approach filtered down from progressive and psych. Coupled with Damon Edge's equally weird / creepy vocals and an early love for sampling television and other found sources, the band filled a much needed gap in the experimental scene in the late 70's. From all reports the songs were originally intended to accompany a live sex show before they eventually transformed into Alien Soundtracks and considering their nature, that doesn't sound too implausible. Chrome never really received their due while they were active and have definitely gained more press in the early nineties and recently following two rounds of reissues. The latest reissue on noiseville is quite nice but as per usual I'd me more than happy to see this one properly reissued on vinyl. Hopefully someone out there is working on it.

[MP3] Chrome - Chromosome Damage
[MP3] Chrome - Pygmies In Zee Dark

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