Brian Standeford's previous band Tall Birds was one of the first singles ever to appear in this feature. It was a promising little slice of indie-garage but then the band up and disappeared it seemed. Thankfully Brian's returned a littler lower-fi but no worse for wear.

Idle Times - Get Your Feet Off The Ground 7" Still not straying too far from the garage sound he's mined before, but as Idle Times Standeford ups the loner pscych angle and drops any trace of sheen that Tall Birds might have offered. The A-side's got some guitar punch and a decent
enough hook and the b-side shines as a laid back fuzzed gem with an underbelly of pop. Definitely looking forward to the next single due soon on the previously mentioned HoZac Singles club.

[MP3] Idle Times - Get Your Feet Off The Ground

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