As always Sacred Bones dished out a great batch of singles. I'm not sure how they're keeping the quality and the schedule so excellent over there but I'm certainly not complaining about the results.

Spirit Photography - Time is Racing 7" This is one of the best releases SB has put out yet, both visually and sonically. The band includes members from RSTB fave Christmas Island, but their menacing take on UK post-punk is a far stretch from Christmas Island's kiwi stroking rock. A definite
step away from the traditional SB melted-synth expectations here, rain clouds gathered and streaking the entire single in hues of gray and black, the guitar tones as crisp and cold as November wind. Visually this is a stunner, clear overlay on top of silver screen-printing. Very Nice. The band has a bunch of things on the horizon so hopefully we'll be hearing more of this in the very near future.

[MP3] Spirit Photography - Into the Heart of

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The Pink Noise - Gold Light 7" Dare I say The Pink Noise has found a bit of fidelity here. The A-Sides the closest they've ever come to pop, with a bouncy beat that's a blurry take on garage shuffle and a catchy little, "bop-bop" cadence. The B-side brings the darkness with a
deadlocked beat and some clock chime keys over the top that can't help but bring to mind Blues Control's "Frankie's Problem" Still pretty impressed by Pink Noise and this only bolsters my earlier interest.

[MP3] The Pink Noise - Gold Light

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Gary War - Zontag 7" Still trying to get a handle on Gary War over here. Last years New Raytheonport LP had whiffs of several blurred underground contemporaries but still some odd bit of soul that some of the other bedroom synth-punkers have lacked or just not come as close to. Here
there's a not so distant bubble of dub underneath the A-side but not a discernable lyric in sight. A great grove that suddenly collapses at the finale. Then on the flip he hits the warbled pop that puts him squarely back in the Ariel Pink corner. Further listens keep revealing more layers, which I think is part of the Gary War charm. Definitely a grower.

[MP3] Gary War - Zontag

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

that pink noise song reminds me of the silicon teens, like it a lot.

1:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Gary War shits vibrating on some next level future acid cult shit. Can't wait for more from him. Thanks for posting this!

2:51 AM  

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