Combining members of A Frames and Climax Golden Twins, this limited CD-r from last year has recently been issued on vinyl in still limited quantities but enough so that a few more than 75 might actually score one. The album brings elements from both camps - bits of noise-punk from the A Frames and a looser structure from the Twins - the results are a chaotic clatter of a record that's a welcome addition to both bands' legacies. Though its the overt nihilism of the A Frames that really comes seeping though in the overall aesthetic here; from the monochromatic color schemes to the emotionless vocals. Unavoidable waves of paranoia and fear permeate from the edges of the AFCGT universe but amidst the noise the band occasionally lock into a pretty decent groove, that though motorik, still has some semblance of dystopian funk buried in it. The vinyl reissue on Uzu Audio is much appreciated, pressed on white vinyl and limited to 500 copies.

[MP3] AFCGT - Old Spy
[MP3] AFCGT - Return To Thundernest

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