Functioning like a Not Not Fun supergroup, Vibes have been rocking pick up parties around L.A. and have finally brought their Spirit-Funk psych musings down to tape. You God It, recorded in Bored Fortress Studios, plays just like the live show parceled onto gritty tape. Swinging from gritty drone out psych jams to stutter funk beats with Amanda from Pocahaunted doing less of her divining of lost souls and instead just divining SOUL on this project. Still this ain't no Candy Staton outtake, this is soul by way of the NNF desert chill out vibe, some serious 4 A.M. outta body type of shit. Hopefully this is just a taste and the band will put more down to tape soon. Since there's an upcoming Pocahaunted/Sun Araw tour, I have a feeling that more just might be in the works. This is sold out at the label but some nice distro searching should turn up a copy.

[MP3] Vibes - Understand This
[MP3] Vibes - Shake It Off

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Blogger parallelliott said...

i knew it was a mistake to trash my tape deck..

11:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

whoa this RULES!

8:12 PM  

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