Svarte Greiner

Another trip begins into the frightening darkness with Erik Skodvin as lead tour guide. Few records in the last few years (outside of perhaps the Black Metal Genre), were as frightening as Svarte Greiner's Knive. Well as it would appear, no soft sensibilities have permeated the Svarte Greiner world in the years leading up to the release of Kappe. Perhaps Skodvin reserves his dreams as fuel for the more achingly beautiful work he does with Deaf Center, welling up the nightmares as fodder for the lonesome and ravaged landscapes that have made up both Knive and Kappe. There seems to be a constant chill wind in the world of Svarte Greiner, one that whips debris at your feet and howls through distant trees, not to mention the occasional clank of chains that might well be your own. The sense of dread is only heightened when the walls of drone seep in, building tension that hits your chest with dread that might well be of biblical proportions. There is definitely something otherworldly about the sound of these pieces, as if dread has finally taken sonic form. Few can match Skodvin's abilities in this realm and for his sake I hope that he pours all his darkness out in musical form, because if anything of this magnitude were left to fester, I'm quite sure it would eat a person pretty quickly.

[MP3] Svarte Greiner - Tunnel of Love

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