Stained Glass - Aurora
The band began releasing singles for RCA in '66 bolstered by their affinity for Beatles covers, a hint of which tainted the remainder of their releases. This, their second album, followed after the termination of their RCA contract and a
subsequent signing with Capitol. Though some of the early singles were well received (not really top charters though) their albums both fell on less than stellar reviews and little air play. This seems rather unfortunate as even with the slightly derivative nature of the music, there remain some decent songs on this album. The lackluster sales eventually led to the dissolution of the group, with bassist/ songwriter Jim McPherson later going on to play a role in Copperhead with John Cipollina of Quicksilver Messenger Service.

[MP3] Stained Glass- Sweetest Thing
[MP3] Stained Glass - The Kibitzer

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

interesting stuff. It's actually not bad at all! Don't know why the reviews were so bad.

I hope we get the jukebox next week! I think garage rock-type singles are much better than albums

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