The second two releases from Trensmat's awesome 7" series / tribute to Hawkwind and they're just as essential as that White Hills / AMT split. Keep an eye out for these to be collected on a CD version soon along with a few extras that didn't make the 7"s.

Kinski / Bardo Pond - Sonic Attack (Lords of Light) 7" Not as blown out as the first 7" in the Sonic Attack series, Kinski and Bardo Pond temper the murky fuzz a little bit, but still keep their noses pointed directly towards space on these covers. Where the first single showcased Hawkwind's
heavy guitar hammer, here both bands shed light on their ability to weave vocals into oblivion, giving them due credit for melding face searing guitar with calm, blissful moments that clearly created something above and beyond the normal psychedelic bands at the time.

[MP3] Bardo Pond - Lord of Light

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Mudhoney / Mugstar - Sonic Attack (Motorheads) 7"
Mudhoney might not be the band you'd imeediately think to tap for a project such as this but the Seattle grunge veterans absolutely kill their rendition of "Urban Guerilla". This finial disc which also features the curators of
the project, Mugstar, holds up the proto-metal furry that Hawkwind evolved into over time. Not quite as hard as Lemmy would grow into on Motorhead but definitely a more grounded, gritty side of Hawkwind on display here.

[MP3] Mudhoney - Urban Guerilla

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