Ooga Boogas

More great rock from Australian turf surfaces around these parts. After a brief run in with out-of-print status, this Eddy Current Suppression Ring side project is back in full press on the band's Aaargt label. The Boogas feature guitar work from ESCR's Eddy Current himself and they share some of the gritty plod that he lays down in his day job. Missing however are Brendan Suppression's frank and visceral vocals which may be the main drawback of the record, but for the most part this is a solid 70's inflected garage punk killer. The guitar work burns with the same kind of welled up passive aggression that has always marked ECSR, but any sheen is worn away, leaving a grittier record that kicks like a squat party rager. Artwork on this sucker is primo and the full gatefold is covered in nods to Ed Roth styled hot rod culture perfect for the oil pan rock that awaits inside. Maybe not as "essential" as their brethren, but this certainly puts many lesser imitators to shame. As usual Goner's got the U.S. hookup so make a call to Memphis to snag a copy of Romance and Adventure for your very own.

[MP3] Ooga Boogas - Neon Sunset
[MP3] Ooga Boogas - I Can't Clear My Name

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