Kahvas Jute - Wide Open
This band featured members of the great undersung Australian band Tamam Shud. After the demise of TS, guitarist Tim Gaze and drummer Dannie Davidson hooked up with Bob Daisley (who worked with Rainbow and Ozzy among others) and Dennis
Wilson to create one of Australia's great lost gems. Wide Open is full of progressive arrangements rooted in hard British blues. The album has become a well sought after collectible not only in the Australian market but abroad as well. And its with good cause that collectors prize it so highly, along with Tamam Shud this is one of the band's that pushed Australian music further in the 70's. The band split not long after this album's release but due to heavy interest from fans and collectors they reissued the album in 2005 and did an accompanying tour. A must for fans of hard British rock or Australian rock history.

[MP3] Kahvas Jute - Odyssey
[MP3] Kahvas Jute - She┬┤s So Hard To Shake

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry I haven't commented much lately. Love these posts. That first song by Raven last week was wonderful. But could you post some more of that jukebox post? Hopefully with some down-home garage fuzz? It's been a long time, and nobody knows this stuff like you

5:19 PM  
Blogger disconcerted said...

Been loving this album for a few years now. Really, really good albums. "Let's all join the parade of fools" *begins air guitar*

11:09 AM  

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