What Svarte Greiner is to being lost and eaten alone in the woods, Elegi is to being slowly dragged under water in a combination of freezing to death and drowning. Tommy Jansen's last album Sistereis centered around the scavenging of sunken graveyards and his nautically morbid tendencies haven't let up any on Varde. The album centers on the fateful expedition of Captain Scott and his demise in the Arctic. Chilling in every respect the album trades in both otherworldly soundscapes built from bits of field recordings and more traditional composition that while beautiful, never fails to be as dour and funereal as possible. Jansen's talents make the homage feel very realistic and the crushing weight of his music puts the cold clamp of ice in your lungs from the very first strains. Varde is as bleak as the tundra and with its cinematic scope you feel for better or worse ensconced in Captain Scott's fate.

[MP3] Elegi - Skrugard
[MP3] Elegi - Fandens Bre

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