All right it has been a while since the Jukebox appeared here so I guess that means its time to round up another collection of sweat stained garage tracks. Here's a bunch that goes from well known to unknown and polished to ragged and raw. Enjoy!

[MP3] The Zombies - Stick and Stones
This early Zombies single is a far cry from Odyssey and Oracle material, that's for sure. No lush pop here, just vamped up R&B with a great organ break and a hot shuffle rhythm. Dig that yowl. "I've been abused". Definitely one of the Zombies' greats from their back catalog.

[MP3] The Easybeats - She's So Fine
Always love the Easybeats for garage singles, the band has a knack for matching catchy choruses with raw energy and a nice mix of twang and rollick. Nice vocal harmonies round this one out to be one of their best.

[MP3] The Litter - Whatcha Gonna Do About It
These local favorites from Minneapolis tear through this classic and giving it a little grit and bounce. It's easy to see why the band were so revered in their hometown, clean harmonies and tight playing plus a not too shabby solo make you wonder why this band didn't go further.

[MP3] The Ugly Ducklings - Just In Case You Wonder
This Canadian band were favorites with The Stones whenever they toured through the North and its easy to see why. Covered in fuzz, the band take straight R&B and crust it up with the kind of buzz saw guitar that would make the average garage band blush. Definitely a classic track.

[MP3] John E Sharp and the Squires - She's Fine, She's Fine
Hailing from South Africa, the rough production on this is easily made up by its smoldering intensity and raw edge. No rounded edges on this dose of garage blues as Squire lets his guitar churn and the rest of the band keeps a smoky blues pace behind him.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...


I don't know where you get all this amazing stuff from. Aside from The Litter, I've never heard the other songs. Your knack for digging up this stuff is quite astounding. Brilliant, as always.

12:41 PM  
Blogger Pete Birch said...

Jukebox is back! it makes my day.

love The Ugly Ducklings track..

4:47 AM  

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