Weird Owl

Though they've been kicking around the NY psych scene for some time now, it only seems fitting that Weird Owl should rise up on Tee Pee's thick black cloud of smoke. Their second album, Ever the Silver Cord be Loosed sees the band knee deep in a tug-of-war between 70's power and more progressive leanings. The band takes the helm of those still keeping the heavy psych flame alive around here and its no surprise to hear them whispered alongside names like Heavy Hands, Dead Meadow or even La Otracina. An uneasy bit of doom filters its way through every inch of EtSCbL; trading the crush of riffs with desolate psychedelic cliffs that make the band sound more at home in the expanse of the West than kicking through the streets of Brooklyn. Though who's to say that empty warehouses aren't the urban gulch and just as much desperation can run through city streets at the right time of night. Weird Owl's spirit journey kicks the dust off 4 a.m. empty streets, watching the moon's reflection off the Gowanus canal.

[MP3] Weird Owl - Skeletelepathic
[MP3] Weird Owl - Do What Th' Owl Wilt

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