Two great female fronted doses of fuzzed pop this week in the form of Seattle's Blank It's and Brooklyn's Golden Triangle.

Blank It's - Windows Are Dirty 7" Burying the vocals under a crush of guitar fizz without ever losing their great sense for pop, Blank It's churn alienation into fun on this 7". Both tracks have a great energy that bursts way beyond the recording limitations in a blur of driving, kicking, twisting
fists and feet. This could be the start of something if the band can pull it out for the long haul.

[MP3] Blank It's - Windows Are Dirty

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Golden Triangle - Prize Fighter 7" Golden Triangle have been making the rounds live (currently opening for King Khan) and the reasons become clear on a track like "Prize Fighter" with its dragstrip guitar and chirpy female vocals that shout along while the band seethes with a gritty energy.
"Night Brigade" lacks some of the energy of the other two on this one, but when the band does get pumping, all bets are off. The band has a 12" scheduled on Kemado imprint Mexican Summer so that'll serve as a true test of longevity for them but from the sounds of things that'll definitely be one to watch out for.

[MP3] Golden Triangle - Prize Fighter

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