Stag Hare

Stag Hare ripples into the meditative psych territory with a heavy earthen smell rising out of every track on their second self-released album. Tones shimmer over the rhythmic chug of tribal percussion, fraught with chimes and more than a hint of campfire smoke. Though they ride quite easily through the free-folk valley, the din that sometimes finds its way into that genre at is kept at bay (see early Badgerlore); instead allowing the loose song-forms to take on dream-like qualities. As the band introduce vocals somehow shoegaze and forest folk careen into each other in a fevered hallucination that definitely begs to be repeated. Black Medicine Music is a strong second statement from this project, even garnering some mastering help from RSTB fave Adam Forkner whose work makes a good touchstone for where this release is rooted.

[MP3] Stag Hare - Born Into Magic

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Blogger BreadCity said...

I love it! Thanks for introducing me to another cool band I'd never heard of.

7:23 PM  
Blogger nemobrine said...

This is great! I have been listening to this guy a lot lately, seen him live in his home state. You should definately check out the other bands he plays with. See http://www.mooondial.blogspot.com/. Silver Antlers is great, my personal favorite of all is Seven Feathers Rainwater, the guy behind moondial. Also has some solo stuff under the siltlabels moniker, check it out, now!

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