Psychic Ills

Still riding the mescaline vibe through slow country, Psychic Ills have followed Dins with a more expansive record; finding solace in the spaces between tones. While it finds plenty of footing in the same hazy dirge that propelled its predecessor, Mirror Eye anchors itself in quite a few tracks that rely heavily on the sun spotted murk of wavering tones fighting the pull of vocals that pass like Doppler effected memories through the skull. When the percussive rumble does kick in, it rattles off the walls in ominous precision; calling odes to invisible tribes. The band has truly mastered the high plains lysergic vision with this album, crystallizing the steps that were taken both on the previous album and earlier works. This one plays as an almost indivisible piece which has become quite the lost art these days.

[MP3] Psychic Ills - Eyes Closed
[MP3] Psychic Ills - Fingernail Tea

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