On top of the re-issue of last year's Nobunny Loves You, it seems that the Bunny is on a roll with this killer 7" that cements his rank in the late garage resurgence.

Nobunny - Give It To Me 7"
The A-side is pure Nobunny, mixing scrappy ramones garage-punk with a certain dose of 50's blue eyed soul, but its on the flip that he really shines. Sentiments like "Motorhead with Me" don't just fall on the tarmac every day and this garage-
popper is one of the hottest Nobunny tracks yet. Full of tight wound hand claps, a buzzing beat and the inspiration to pogo almost instantaneously every time this plays. Love it, and I definitely want more. Hit up Hozac for this one, and feel free to peruse the rest of the quality singles that are constantly flying out of the doors over there.

[MP3] Nobunny - Motorhead With Me!

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