Odyssey - Setting Forth...
The sole album from this New York band had become in recent years one of the most sought after relics from the bygone psychedelic era. Having been released in an edition of 100 in 1969 and further complicating things by packaging it
in a blank white cover, it became almost lost forever. Existing in the crossroads between psych and prog, the album is marked by a heavy dose of organ on most tracks that ebbs and flows atop a wave of fuzzed guitar with blues inflected riffs. The band even delves into full on blues mode on "Denky's Boogie" but still has the ability to turn soft on a few ballads. However it's on the heavier, prog leaning tracks that the band really shines, though they never really let things get too cerebral. Playing from the hip as would befit any heavy album from '69. Definitely one that deserves the hype that's surrounded it and thankfully now back in print.

[MP3] Odyssey - Angel Dust
[MP3] Odyssey - St. Elmo's Fire

Support the artist. Buy it: HERE (*note: vinyl version has different cover than the CD. Since the original didn't have a cover, the two labels picked different covers)

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