Mike Bones

I have to admit that when I heard his first solo album I didn't pay much attention. I'd heard Bones' name bandied about in association as a hired gun on guitar for a while but the first album's attention to his voice and lack of emphasis on said guitar left me a little flat. However, life is about second chances and A Fool For Everyone seems to finally make good on promises that Mike's reputation held. Laying his fluid and amiable guitar here alongside fellow stringed luminary Matt Sweeney and a few other friends in high places (mems. of Antony and the Johnsons, Sian Alice Group, Jah Division and labelmate Douglas Armour) bolsters his weary troubadour musings to much better effect this time. It's that tempered balance of world worn drag and expressive (rather than flashy) playing that really befits Bones' new direction. Bones will probably still hit a few stone faced responses with this one and maybe he's still working his way up to his full potential; but given some time and played at jut the right point in a haggard, underappreciated day it strikes a well figured chord.

[MP3] Mike Bones - I'm A Decent Man, I Kept Repeating
[MP3] Mike Bones- What I Have Left

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