Matteah Baim

Ex-Metallic Falcon Matteah Baim has released her second solo album, again falling in with good company at DiChristina Stairbuilders. The feelings are more expansive than her first album, however Laughing Boy still centers around the essentially sparse sonic palate that Baim has employed in the past. On her first album dry winds parched the isolated climate of Baim's musical world, punctuated only slightly by the charred strains of her guitar marking the hillsides. Here she plays more with layered vocals and a smattering of mournful strings and scattered percussion. These additions may stem from the fact that as with Desert Doughnuts Baim brings in several friends to help. The album features collaborations from Pit er Pat's Butchy Fuego, modern renaissance man Hisham Akira Bharoocha, Robert A.A. Lowe and Rose Lazar amongst others. Laughing Boy shows a marked difference in the scope of Baim's songwriting and repeated listens find it much more engaging than her first album. If nothing else much can be said for the company of friends.

[MP3] Matteah Baim - Birthdays
[MP3] Matteah Baim - Monkey Chant

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