La Otracina

La Otracina, wasting no time between releases, have landed back at home on Holy Mountain with Blood Moon Riders. In true form the band continues its mastery of ethereal space rock, stretching billowy clouds of smoke over a terrain of formidably pummeling rock. The band, always a stunner live, has begun to seamlessly translate the expansive qualities of their work to the studio environment. Their ability to further the current generation of "prog" beyond mere nods to forefathers in the krautrock and psychedelic scenes is unparalleled, with the band folding elements of free-jazz, surf, and ambient music into their sound. Surprisingly this sees the band back off of their recent addition of vocals to their last CD-r, but as usual they are quite adept with an all instrumental arsenal. Thankfully Holy Mountain is putting this one down on vinyl, which only seems like a natural format for a band so deeply entrenched in layered sonics and prog revelry.

[MP3] La Otracina - Zunblazer

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